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Being born is terrifying. Noisy, disorientating and arduous, it’s quite possibly one of the most traumatic experiences in our lives.

It’s a good thing we don’t remember it, because our birth is also the most important process we’ll ever go through — and absolutely essential for everything that follows.

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Communication is messy. Words are imprecise. Meaning is layered, and comes in many shades. Humans are just fleshy pods forever trying to share the images in their minds, shadowy representations of the world that shape how we think, act and live.

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A few months ago I watched a film about morality, humanity, genius… oh, and robots. Its name is Ex Machina. I knew as soon as it finished that it would stay with me for some time, and that it would be something I would contemplate in the back of my brain for a while to come.

I was right. This blog post is the result of that contemplation.

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